Upto 12 months warranty on parts

Parts and components fitted by us come with upto 12 month warranty. If the part fails in that time we will replace it free of charge.

Washing Machines

Unblock Outlet Pump Units|Replace Motor Brushes|Door Seals|Heater Elements||Door handles

Electric Cookers/Ovens

Replace Oven Elements|Grill Elements|Thermostats|Hinges

Tumble Dryer

Replace drive belts|Motor Start Capacitors|Felt and Bronze Bearings|Condenser Pumps


Unblock Outlet Pump Units|Hinge Springs|Door Interlocks

Need an integrated washing machine or Dishwasher installed?

One of our popular services are installing integrated washing machines and dishwashers.

Purchase the appliance of your choice or ask our advise and we will install it and remove the old one.

Home visits or take back to workshop

Book a visit when it suits you Monday to Friday